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Cast Announced for ''Clarence Darrow'' and ''The Diaries of Adam and Eve'' Fall Theater Productions at NWF State College

Mattie Kelly Arts Center


8/3/2009 - The Division of Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts at Northwest Florida State College has announced the cast for the college's fall productions of ''Clarence Darrow'' and Mark Twain's ''The Diaries of Adam and Eve''. ''The Diaries of Adam and Eve'' will be performed October 15 through 17, 2009. ''Clarence Darrow'' will be performed March 24 through 27, 2010 (it has been postponed from the Fall semester). Both productions will start at 7:30 pm in the Sprint Theater at the college's Mattie Kelly Arts Center in Niceville. It is the first time the college will produce multiple theatrical productions in the fall semester. Normally, the college's performing arts division produces one play during fall and one in the spring term, in addition to a large musical production each summer.

The role of Clarence Darrow will be played by Robert Reynolds of Fort Walton Beach. The play, by David W. Rintels, follows the famous attorney reminiscing over his long and renowned career, touching on many of his famous trials including the ''Monkey'' trial and the sensational Leopold Loeb case. Darrow reviews much of America's legal history with salty humor, courtroom gusto and human relish. His private life and many contemporary events, including labor conditions, are woven into this story of a man who accepted and defended unpopular causes. This champion of dissenters and underdogs was also a writer and lecturer and he conjures up the many famous people of his life and times. Henry Fonda starred as Clarence on Broadway and on tour.

Mark Twain's ''The Diaries of Adam and Eve'', is adapted by David Birney and was originally broadcast on American Playhouse. The role of Adam in the NWFSC production of this comedy will be played by Greg Stoughton of Niceville and the role of Eve will be played by Rita Dailey of Crestview. This delightful adaptation is set in a Victorian garden. At first, Adam is puzzled by the new arrival in the garden and he is suspicious of her disturbing appetite for fruit. Eve, believing herself to be some sort of experiment, is curious about another experiment in the garden, perhaps some sort of reptile or possibly architecture. Eve gives names to everything, much to Adam's annoyance. He tries to ignore her, so she seeks companionship among the animals, particularly with a certain snake. Adam and Eve eventually grow to love each other and, in the end, learn what it means to be human.

Tickets for ''The Diaries of Adam and Eve'' go on sale September 8 at the Mattie Kelly Arts Center Box Office in-person or by phone at 729-6000. Tickets are for $15 for adults and $10 for youth 18 and younger. Tickets for ''Clarence Darrow'' will go on sale February 8, 2010.