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Arts Center Volunteer Ushers Recognized

Mattie Kelly Arts Center


Mattie Kelly Arts Center Ushers recently assisted at the college’s recent 50th Anniversary Kick-Off Assembly in the athletics Arena.
Mattie Kelly Arts Center Ushers recently assisted at the college’s recent 50th Anniversary Kick-Off Assembly in the athletics Arena.

6/28/2013 - More than 90 individuals were recently recognized for their more than 7,000 hours of combined volunteer service this past year as part of the Usher corps at the Mattie Kelly Fine and Performing Arts Center at Northwest Florida State College.

Volunteer ushers play vital roles in presenting warm welcomes to those who attend various functions at the college. They assist with all public events held at the arts complex, from symphony concerts to student productions, and also work at other college events such as commencement, the annual dinner and more. Ushers help direct patrons to their seats, hand out programs, answer questions and host the public.

The college's dedicated corps of volunteer ushers also raise funds for student scholarships and other arts endeavors and have donated more than $10,000 in recent years to the NWFSC Foundation -- mostly from the proceeds of concession sales.

Additional ushers are needed. As ushers often stand or walk for long periods of time, they must be in good health. Ushers receive free admission to the events at which they volunteer. For information on becoming a Mattie Kelly Arts Center usher, contact Delores Merrill, House Manager, at 729-6065.

PHOTO: Mattie Kelly Arts Center Ushers recently assisted at the college’s recent 50th Anniversary Kick-Off Assembly in the athletics Arena.

Front row, L to R: Delores Merrill, Niceville, House Manager Mattie Kelly Arts Center; C.V. Miller and Sandy Miller, Niceville; Marsha Hooten, Florala; Dodie Glowa, Fort Walton; RoseLyn Stone, Niceville; Betty Doyle, Fort Walton Beach; Jean Smith, Valparaiso; Gloria DeBerry, Fort Walton Beach.

Back row, L to R: Jim Washington, Destin; John Hooten, Florala; Nancy Litten, Shalimar; Lee Fryer, Ron Altman, Roxanne Ruckdeschel and Chuck Hightower, all of Niceville; Una Heavener, Fort Walton Beach; Dave Kaplan, Ellie Hightower and Sharon Johnson, Niceville; Dave Hyre, Destin.

Other Mattie Kelly Arts Center Ushers who were recognized for their valuable volunteer service include (not shown in photo):

CRESTVIEW: Margaret Larson and Tonya Nascimento;

DESTIN: Anna and Wayne Leone, and Steve Strauss;

FREEPORT: Heather Perez;

NICEVILLE: Inge Ackerman, Darlene Anderson, Audrey Bailey, Diana Barr, Mindy Barrett, Phil Block, Michele Boles, Joan Bowman, Jane Broestler, Yolanda Byrd, Brenda Crabbe, Joy Crimmins, Jan and Kurt Eichorst, Katie Furby, Marjorie Gray, Dee Gulbranson, Susie Hagwood, Audrey and Bob Hains, Laurie Hardy, Be Hinely, Pat Honstetter, Kathie Justice, Carol Lumsden, Gilbert March, Sue and Lee Marion, Pat McDaniel, Cheryl McDermott, Dave Miller, Lynette and David Pearce, Melissa Pearce, Ali Pfeffer, Marsha Plinske, Vicki Richburg, Angela Smith, Paul Summitt, Ann Surmiak, Caroleen Swanson, Barbara and Bill Thaler, Judy Van Rees, Valerie Valade, Gary Wendel, Cathy White and Nancy Whitehouse;

FORT WALTON: Pam and Leroy Donald, Fred Doyle, Nancy and Charley Dyess, Dan Glowa, Sue Jones, Astrid and Phil Krajeck, Mary-Anne Lovato, and Judith Mastromonico;

SHALIMAR: Lolly and Steve Korn, and Sheila Stetzler and Pat and Jim Wood;