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ART EXHIBIT: Tales & Myths: The Paintings of Katherine Ace

Art Galleries

May 30, 2017-July 22, 2017
McIlroy Gallery

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The Mattie Kelly Arts Center Galleries will present a national touring exhibition, Tales and Myths: The Paintings of Katherine Ace from Tuesday, May 30th to July 22, 2017 in both the McIlroy and the Holzhauer Galleries. The exhibition of works by Portland, Oregon-based artist Katherine Ace takes familiar and not-so-familiar fairy tales and retells them in large-scale mixed-media paintings.

The Mattie Kelly Arts Center Galleries are open Monday through Friday, 10 AM – 4 PM, and 90 minutes prior to most Mainstage and Sprint Theater performances. The Mattie Kelly Arts Center Galleries are always free and open to the public.

Katherine Ace will exhibit twenty-three paintings from the past decade. Her recent paintings depict scenes from the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. Ace is a masterful realist painter who creates haunting, poetic images that are personal and often surreal, but simultaneously draw upon myth and the history of art. Her paintings are beautiful, drawing the viewer into narratives that are both strange and emotionally resonant.

In this exhibition, Ace will show a selection of paintings from the past four years inspired by the original Grimms’ fairy tales, dark and sometimes shocking stories drawn from the German folk tradition. Some of the works draw on familiar tales like Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel, while others like The Fisherman’s Wife and The Devil’s Three Hairs may be less familiar.

Ace was inspired by reading Jungian interpretations of the Grimm tales, which focus on their deep psychological structure. According to the artist, “The kingdom of these stories is the psyche, and there the challenges of one’s inner life are dramatically explored. Many of the tales concern a life passage where one part of the psyche is not valued, or where a crisis awaits resolution, personified by the protagonist and his or her journey.” Other works in the exhibition are allegorical figure paintings.

Ace, a Portland, Oregon-based artist, has developed her own inventive techniques, painting in oils and in alkyd paint, including embedding paper into paper into alkyd, fusing it to the surface. She sculpts the paintings surface using a variety of tools, and incorporates small objects including insects, feathers, beans, tacks, glass, and small figures. She has exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions nationwide. Tales and Myths: The Paintings of Katherine Ace is organized through Katharine T. Carter and Associates.