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Recent Exhibitions

Deborah Masters: Ghosts

“Deborah Masters is a highly gifted figurative sculptor whose speciality is heads. She constructs works that are both much greater than life-size and also tabletop portraits. Both kinds of work depict animals — she has two dogs — and people.”

“In a large barn, she both makes her art and stores it: in the back of the space, the outsize heads, outfitted with long, spectral white garments, are hung from chains attached to the ceiling. They are arrayed in a row across the room and look like a ghostly choir, whose presence suggests both intense spirituality and a somber point of view. The smaller heads, also clothed in a roomy fabric, maintain the larger pieces’ sobriety, but do evoke a bit of a smile — likely the result of their comparatively lesser size. Still, overall, the impression of Masters’ art is that of an undertaking that is both otherworldly and artistic: the point at which longing and the accomplishment of the hand meet.”

Exhibition information adapted from art writer and editor Jonathan Goodman, contributed by Deborah Masters. For more information on the exhibition artist, please visit www.deborahmasters.com. “Ghosts” was on exhibition in the Mattie Kelly Arts Center Galleries from January 27 – February 28, 2020.

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Permanent Collection

Mattie Kelly Arts Center Galleries (MKAC) has a world-class, multi-million-dollar permanent collection. This collection has been assembled since the founding of Northwest State College (then Okaloosa Walton Junior college) in 1963. Selections from this elite gallery are displayed at least twice per year; during the summer high light and holiday spotlight shows which run continuously 10 months out of 12 each calendar year.

This extensive teaching collection is made up of more than 1,000 artworks and includes multiple sub-collections.

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